ACS NINJA TYKES classes are 30 minutes long and for children aged 3 years. Parents are encouraged to join in and assist so that some of the activities can be practiced at home.  Children will learn a series of simple martial arts skills such as punching, kicking and blocking where the emphasis will be on developing hand eye coordination and improved balance.

Classes will also include various jumping, crawling, catching and throwing activities including very simple awareness and protection strategies. But what makes these classes really special and rewarding are the tasks and 'mat chats' designed to improved facets of your children's well being not usually associated with martial arts classes such as:

  • - Fire safety instruction
  • - Road safety instruction
  • - Basic counting skills
  • - Simple dressing like shoes and coats
  • - Examing feelings like happy and sadness

These are all supported with work sheets and certificates on completion. ACS Ninjatykes classes are ideal for first introductions into martial arts, as well as preparing and practising simple liefskills that will help parents get them ready for school and the challenges ahead.

When they reach 4 years they will progree to our Mini Ninja classes, where they'll build upon those skills already learned by aquiring and practising new ones.