Core values are fundamental beliefs that dictate our behavior and help educate people to understand the difference between right, wrong, good and bad.

Our children's classes, especially for those early years, are designed to meet the basic needs of both parent and child in a safe, freindly and fun filled environment.

We're not just talking about 'safeguarding & protecting' children - important as that is, we're also talking about learning and developing those early years physical and social skills.

  • - We work together with you the parents - a partnership
  • - We encourage friendship, tolerance and understanding
  • - We provide a fun, stimulating environment
  • - We encourage participation and confidence building
  • - We help each child learn practical life skills:
        Seeking help in an emergency
        Getting dressed (those pesky shoes!)
        Safety first!
  • - We acknowledge that each child is unique

These are the same values employed by pre-school and early learning environments, they're the experts, we're merely echoing and supporting those same values while also encouraging additional focus via game play designed to develop fine and gross motor skills and although we aren't educators in the truest sence of the word, we do educate through our coaching endorsing those elements key to the National Teaching Curriculum:

  • - attentive listening
  • - understanding and speaking
  • - using imagination

Our Ninja Tykes program has a proggresive learning curve with lesson plans involving 'mat talks' where we discuss issues of safety and well being along with simple sheet assignments and certificate rewards - and of course there's all that jumping around punching and kicking pads which is great fun; whatever age you are!